Friday, July 23, 2010

REVIEW: Wild in the Street (1968)

Wild in the Streets (94 mins.):

This is a movie from 1968 that is one of the weirdest movies that I have reviewed... The first five minutes I had no idea that the movie had started. I had originally thought that the beginning of the film was exploitation film trailers from earlier in the 60s....

One of the things that made me happy with this film is the cameos. Also I am happy to see that a young Richard Pryor is in it.He was between 27-28 in the movie.

It is a movie that both support and parodies the counter-culture, from the voting age being moved down from 21 to 14, to lacing D.C.'s water supply with LSD, and the rounding up of everyone over the age of 30 for "re-education" plus a constant dosing of LSD for the 30 + population.

The movie rotates around the character of Max Frost and his entourage. Where you see from his childhood straight to him being a "Jim Morrison"-type singer. A Presidential candidate named Johnny Fergus asks him to be a performer at the political rally. The 24 year old Max Frost incites a up-bringing by the song "14 and fight". Due to the "baby boomers" are coming of age they end up electing Max Frost as President. With the election of Mr. Frost to President, people from the age of 30 and up are rounded up and transported to the re-education facilities and put on a regiment of LSD.

In the great words of Maggie "frickin' weird..."

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