Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago Part II

*after obtaining food and a day later*

I left off at the small backyard fire... No one was hurt.

The last part of the time in Missouri consisted of hazing on the Twilight series, washing and trimming the Westie's (Willie's) fur and de-ticking him....That little dog is a tick magnet. (I swear he was shaking them off in my shoes.)Also trying to walk the fine line with her mom.

The trip home, leaves things to be desired. The 2 hour layover in St. Louis is a trip killer..

All in all the trip was not terrible.

I learned a few things in Missouri:
-Katelyn likes kits.
-Fireworks plus Ron or Gus are dangerous.
-Spoons is a fun game.
-People there in her town are odd.

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