Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A new student..

Today I began teaching Kayla. I began te task of teaching her to crochet. It was a great day. We chilled at the library while I began teaching her to chain, though at times I feel like she was getting frustrated when she got the hang of it she was on a roll. By the time her and I arrived at Firefly she was set for learning how to single crochet. In fact she is currently working on her first project which is a cowl and I am so proud of her.


  1. I'm also learning my 1st stitches right now. I dont have anyone to teach me, so I am jealous on Kayla! Lol. I'm turning to YouTube and it's been great help.
    Well it was my 11th attempt on crocheting in a lifetime. So far so good! =)
    Good luck to Kayla!

  2. I start teaching another Beginner Crochet class at my LYS tomorrow. The class is 2 hours for 3 weeks. I have a full class this time of 6 with 2 on the 'wait list' for the next class. Any more than 6 beginners is really hard to give everyone equal time. Kayla is lucky to have someone teach her ... I learned from my great-grandmother and a book later when I got older & took more interest. That's how I learned to knit also. Keep teaching what you love, Ginger.